Monday, January 16, 2012

A New Love for Husband

My husband has a new love.

Thankfully, it’s not the kind of love I feel that I need to (or am able to) compete with.

My husband loves the card game, Dominion.

When he got it from a friend for Christmas, I had never heard of it before, and to be honest, it looked a little like a Pokemon trading card game or something of the sort. He said that he was sure I’d like it, but I was a little skeptical.

Since then I have come to discover that I do enjoy the game, though not as much as Husband. I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy it as much as he does.

Almost immediately upon returning from our Christmas festivities with family, he used some of his ‘personal spending’ money (part of our monthly budget—I won’t start that topic now) that he had been saving up for a few months to purchase an expansion pack for his Dominion game. Now we have not only Dominion, but also Dominion: Intrigue. Ooooh.

Last night I kindly and graciously agreed to forego an evening spent with a Masterpiece Theater’s version of Jane Austen’s Emma so that we could break in his new Dominion: Intrigue game.

I have never seen my husband quite so taken. Other than with me. Of course. Twice, when his attention was on the cards laid out on the table, he shuffled his own deck of cards right onto the floor.

And, even more amazingly, at the beginning of the game I asked him if he wanted popcorn with the game. He said that sounded good. But that was, apparently, the last he thought of the popcorn. I ended up eating almost the whole bowl, despite repeated reminders that he could, and should, eat some of the popcorn.

All in all, I am quite enjoying how much he is enjoying his new game. It’s not often that I get a whole bowl of popcorn to myself.


  1. Everybody wins! He gets fun, you get snacks. Score!

    1. So true! At first, I was frustrated because I had gone to the work of making popcorn, only to have him ignore it. But under usual circumstances, I wish he would eat a little less and leave me a little more. :)