Monday, April 23, 2012

Two Weekends Away

I haven’t been neglecting this blog for the last two weeks because of a disinclination to write, or a lack of subjects on which to write. I’ve just been so busy. Busy with all good things, however.

Two weekends ago, Husband and I drove to Minnesota to celebrate our nephew’s birthday and dedication at church. We thoroughly enjoyed the irony of eating cupcakes decorated with vegetables made from candy, and we played with Million in the back yard for hours.

Million is breaking us in to the concept of parenting gently. Or just giving us a false impression of what parenting is like. We played and played and played, but when Million’s diaper needed changing, Daddy got called in. When lunchtime rolled around, Million went to Mommy and Daddy for his birthday lunch of homemade pretzels with cheese sauce. Husband and I were ready to call in Mommy or Daddy to console when I accidentally kicked a ball into Million’s face (Bad Aunt award, right here), but consolation wasn’t necessary. I thoroughly appreciate having a nephew with an utterly unsinkable spirit.

I don’t even remember the week that was sandwiched in between that trip to Minnesota and my trip across Iowa this weekend. I think I was tired and read when I should have been dealing with other, more pressing, matters.

I just returned home today from the annual Sisters Weekend. Every spring all of the women on my mom’s side of the family get together for a chance to bond and refill our estrogen tanks. Granma, aunts, and female cousins combined, we had eleven women (and one baby girl) in my Aunt Becky’s house yesterday and today. Last night my little sister passed around for our inspection a menstrual cup that she is planning to try, and only in a unique female-only situation such as Sisters Weekend would that menstrual cup be forgotten on a couch cushion.

I left for Sisters Weekend nervous because in my mom’s family teasing is the common tongue, and I hadn’t told most of the ladies who would be present about Husband’s and my infertility frustrations.

My fears proved to be unfounded, however. The subject did come up, but not as a joke. Instead of feeling like I was defending myself against ribbing, I felt supported and encouraged. I was reminded again how important mutual support is. Husband and I are not an island, and women can give the encouragement that is sometimes hard for Husband to give.

I was sorry to leave the haven of aunts’ wisdom and an ever-percolating coffee pot, but I feel refreshed and ready to start a new week.

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