Thursday, March 7, 2013

Showing Off the Husband

Mark had to disappear overnight last week. I hate it when he has to do that. He knows that. So he made a surprise for me that I found when I got home from work. Here's his note:

It reads (in case you can't read his ultra-neat handwriting): "Dearest Hillary, In case you get bored while I'm gone, I made you a 63-piece puzzle. If you want to do it, you might try doing it on a piece of cardboard or something, black/red side down, and then flip it over when you've finished. I lvoe you and hope you enjoy some Downton Abbey! Love, Mark"

Here's the puzzle laid out on the table:

And the puzzle completed (make sure you read through what he's written on the pieces if you can):

And the back of the puzzle:

I personally am terribly impressed and was smiling ear to ear while putting this together. Actually, it makes me feel a little guilty because I don't know if I could (or would) find the inclination to make something this detailed for Mark. I have a wonderful husband!


  1. HA! I love "Like skinny jeans and discomfort." And "like cucumber soup and a hole in the ground"

    Way to go, Mark!

  2. Props for the P&P quotes! :) Nice job, Mark.