Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mission Trip

'Weeping and gnashing of teeth' would, in my husband's opinion, not be too strong a description to describe the patience with which I waited to be able to share this news with certainty with everyone:

Mark and I are going on a mission trip this fall! Head over to our new blog here to find out more about the trip.

Because of this upcoming trip, my posts on this and my book blog, 'Over a Steaming Cup of Tea,' might be a little sparse. We're praying hard and wanting to put as much energy as possible into preparing for our trip this fall!


  1. Hooray! The mysterious blog has been revealed! We are so excited for you two and are keeping you in our prayers. We look forward to seeing the work God will do in you and through you in those six weeks.

  2. Can I selfishly suggest that you put a link at the top of this blog for your mission one too---like you have your book blog linked?