Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Necessary 'Sesta'

Sesta is siesta in Portuguese. It is time for me to take a necessary sesta from my Art of Contentment blog in order to focus more fully on preparing for our upcoming trip to Mozambique. 

Take a few moments now to cry. Go ahead, it's OK. 

Mark and I will be gone until the end of October. Given culture shock, fatigue, and possible parasites, I will hopefully be posting again on The Art of Contentment by mid-November. 

If you are interested, you can always hop on over to our Mission to Mozambique blog. We'd love to share our adventure with you!


  1. Waiting anxiously (or perhaps, patiently...anxiously sounds so "sinful"...) for your re-entrance to this blog. I miss hearing about your life and thoughts. (selfish, selfish, Heather!)

    1. I've been thinking about it! I've started thinking to myself, "Hmm. It would be fun to put THAT on the blog." Hopefully in the next week or two the blog will be revived!