Friday, July 27, 2012

Sheila B's Buttery Jalapeno Popcorn

A group of Latina ladies rented one of our meeting rooms at the library to show a movie last Friday. I went in to chat with them before the movie started. I was feeling pretty suave, being able to chat with them in Spanish… until I asked about that jalapeno soda they were going to be serving with the movie.

Nooo, Hillary. Jalapeno popcorn. Only orange soda. Because I hadn’t had jalapeno popcorn before, the ladies brought me a bag of popped jalapeno popcorn when their movie started. I shelved books the rest of the afternoon with a smile on my flaming lips.

Jalapeno popcorn. Who knew?

I’m definitely going to keep this in mind as a possible gift for certain members of my family for Christmas or birthdays.


  1. ooooh yummy! Michael would go crazy over that!

  2. Hi! Does anybody know where I can buy this particular brand? I absolutely LOVE it and we used to buy it at the local Sprouts here in Phoenix, but they went out of business several years ago...