Monday, February 6, 2012

A Faux Pas: Sharing Dreams

Husband and I both have vivid dreams that we usually remember in the morning. I'm pretty sure this is because we are too well-rested. Hopefully, having children will cure us.

Because we both have such animated dreams, we share an unspoken rule that we will listen politely to the other's dream recitation. I've heard it said that dreams are really only interesting to the person who had them, and my observations lead me to believe this is true. I can work up a faint interest in Husband's dreams, because I'm always interested in hearing how his mind works -- no matter how bizarre -- but for most other people, I would prefer that they keep their dream sharing, if they must share, to one or two sentences.

I did not follow my own golden rule on the subject last week, however, and the result was only embarrassment and awkwardness.

I had had a dream (bear with me on this) that involved one of the pastors from the church where I work, a group project of planting small plants into pots, a waterfall in the church, and the pastor in my dream being angry with me.

For some reason this dream was incredibly vivid.

The first time I saw this pastor after having the dream, without thinking, the words, "I had a dream about you!" popped out of my mouth.

When is it ever not awkward to say that to a member of the opposite sex? Never, and I realized this immediately after the words were out. So, I decided to explain the dream, thinking that would  make me sound less weird and creepy and the situation less awkward. 

This is what our conversation sounded like:

Me: I had a dream about you!

Pastor: (Awkward pause) ... Oh, really?

Me: Um, yeah. Well, it wasn't just about you. It was really about all of us on staff. (trying to make myself sound less like a stalker) In the dream... (blah, blah, blah, me telling about the dream)... And so, you ended up really mad at me because I forgot about helping with the group project. (nervous giggles)

Pastor: (awkward chuckles) Oh... (more awkward chuckles) well, I'm sorry I got mad at you! (a few more awkward chuckles)

Me: That's OK. I mean, it was just a dream. (walking away quickly)

Ugh. Now that I've gotten the story typed, I'm going to blot it from my memory. However, one good thing did come of the event: I was reminded of the supreme importance of not sharing dreams indiscriminately.

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