Friday, December 21, 2012

Anybody want a peanut?

Have you seen the movie The Princess Bride? If you haven’t, come now. It’s an American classic. Go see it.

If you have seen it, remember the part where Inigo Montoya and Fezzik have just captured Buttercup? They have all just climbed aboard the boat and Inigo and Fezzik start their rhyming game. See the clip below to jog your memory:

Inigo and Fezzik are not the most admirable characters ever created, so I’m not sure I’m happy to be comparing me and Mark to the two of them. It can’t be helped, however. I don’t know how Mark and I got started with this little game in our marriage, but sometime in the last few years we started playing a similar rhyming game. Here is an example, from last Sunday at lunch:

Mark: I think the rice is nice… It will quite suffice.

Hill: … If it’s on ice!

Mark: That doesn’t make sense! If you add some spice.

Hill: And stir it twice.

Mark: But keep out the lice.

Hill: And the mice.

Much laughter and snickering ensue, picturing lice and mice in our rice and beans.

Hill: Or we’ll pay the price!

At this point we started really laughing and never got back to the rhyming game. That’s usually how it ends. Don’t you wish you could join us for lunch? 


  1. Oh Hillary! What fun! Let's do the rhyming thing as a family when we are all together! Can't wait! Love, Mom

  2. I do! I do wish I could join you for lunch! We do that sometimes in the car...