Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve at Home

I don't want anyone to think that Mark and I sat around all Christmas Eve crying because of my sad and depressing post a few days ago about how we don't have a baby of our own yet. I did have a few sad wistful moments yesterday, but mostly we were able to celebrate being with each other.

We also were able to celebrate having a camera that doesn't die after five pictures. We got this camera for our trip to Mozambique. For about a year prior we had pretty much stopped taking pictures because just a few pictures would zap our camera's battery. We're only just now trying to get back into the habit of picture-taking.

Please enjoy a photo recap of Christmas with Mark and Hillary:

Christmas 'present' from Hill.

Christmas 'present' from Mark.
Christmas movie on Christmas Eve-Eve with nuts and wine.

Mark staring dubiously into the Pumpkin Coconut porridge made with amaranth. No sugar!
Hoisting dough out of the sourdough bucket to do some Christmas Eve baking.
Sugarless crockpot mocha heating up.
And tasting delicious!
A rousing game of Dominion.
I'm smiling because this is a really good hand.
Mark loves the new photo editing features on our new camera.
I do not.
A game of Settlers next...
Sugarless lemon shortbread cookies made with stevia.

Double yum.
Merry Christmas friends and family!


  1. I laughed at your special effect pics... Josh takes great pictures- except that they have some weird color or someone's forehead looks enlarged. It's an ongoing "discussion" in our house. :)

    1. It's an ongoing 'discussion' in our house as well! Sometimes I don't mind but sometimes I just want a nice picture! Mostly Mark only uses the funny features in moderation, though.

  2. How was the porridge? I noticed you didn't exclaim "yum!" in your comments about that one... :)