Monday, March 12, 2012

Blessings Asked for and Blessings Unexpected

I drove up to Minnesota this weekend for a baby shower. Overall, baby showers are not my favorite pastime right now, but this shower was for my dear sister-in-law, and for her sake (and my new niece’s!) I didn’t want to miss it.

Throughout the day on Saturday, both during the baby shower and after, my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law quietly asked me how I was feeling, whether being at a shower was difficult for me. I felt so very loved and cared for. And after the shower, when we sat at a coffee shop for an hour, chatting about everything from books, to the future, to the pains and frustrations of natural hair care, I was blessed again, both by compassion and by lots of laughter.

This is us:

I’m the short one on the far left. Then next to me is Helen, Amy (who’s expecting a little girl in two months), Heather, and Mom.

As I was brushing my teeth later that evening, I reflected on how much I love my in-law family. I feel right at home among them and am developing friendships with my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law that are precious to me.

I realized that though I’ve been blessed over and over again by my husband’s family, I never asked for them. I asked for a godly compassionate husband, but I didn’t ask for godly compassionate in-laws.

Now, though I’m asking for a child and not receiving, I am conscious of the fact that God has given me many blessings I never thought to ask for. I may not always be able to believe this, but right now I can believe with certainty that God knows better than I do what gifts I need and when I need them. 


  1. Ah, Hillary, this is lovely. I've read your last few posts but been unable to comment - I can feel your ache from the words you've written. This post is such a good reminder that our Heavenly Father DOES see all and he knows us and what we need even better than we know ourselves.

    I'm glad that he gave you the gift you didn't ask for (the lovely in-laws) and I'm glad that he gave you the gift you did ask for, too (the lovely husband). I pray that he will do the same in this circumstance - he's building your character through unwanted trials, but I hope that, in his time, he will also give you the blessing of children than you have been asking for.

  2. God certainly has blessed my with all the in-laws he's brought to our family! Love you much, Hillary!!